/ Enigmatic Doll
A being whose nature is almost impossible to comprehend by man

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A VRM of Muse from Seihou 2 - Kioh Gyoku (using her Kioh Gyoku appearance), for all of your VTubing / VRChat needs. Comment: One of the easiest characters from an "anime game" to replicate in VRoid so far. In general, Seihou characters (especially the female ones) have very simple designs that can be easily replicated in VRoid. Some time ago, a guy on Discord by the name of "Jonath Kane" asked me to make a VRM of Muse so that he could use it in VRChat, to which I accepted and created one for him. Don't call Muse simps "pedos". Muse is in fact a nearly 2000-year old being that only looks like a child on the outside. To be honest, I see Muse as some kind of Seihou version of the character Chara in Undertale. Both characters share several similarities, aren't they? (for example, looks like children, wield knives (or in Muse's case, crosses that look like knives), and simple clothing as well as short hair) REGARDING THE USE OF THIS MODEL IN VRCHAT: This model is expected to have the Performance Rate of Excellent (PC) / Medium (Oculus Quest). If you found any discrepancies between the expectations of the model's Performance Rate and the Performance Rate as seen in the model's actual practical uses, feel free to contact me so that I can fix this model's Performance Rate in VRChat. FOR USE IN VRCHAT, MMD, AND VRM-SUPPORTED SERVICES ONLY. TERMS OF USE: - You can use this model in VTubing, VRChat, MMD (requires conversion) or VRM-supported services. - Do not use this model for NSFW / NSFL activities (including usage of the model in "adult" scenes (such as drug uses and pornography / pedophilia))! - You can make small edits to the model (using software like Cecil HenShin products) as long you credit "Studio Emiko" as the original owner of the model, and Shunsatsu sare do? / Amusement Makers for the original owner of the Seihou IP! Do not excessively edit this model! - Don't use this model in any activities that defames either me (Studio Emiko), ZUN, and / or Shunsatsu sare do? ! - Link back to my VRoid Hub user page if you use this model (regardless of whether you have edited it or not) for VTubing and state that your use of this model is UNOFFICIAL and have no way affiliated with the original owner (s) of the model (as well as the owner (s) of the IPs used as inspirations for the model).
2 years ago
Thank you very much. Hope you're doing well!
2 years ago
Pretty Cure, Neon Genesis Evangelion and (probably) the upcoming Twisted Wonderland anime!
2 years ago
What your favorite anime


by Regris
by e.t
by Chloe
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