阿美優知 Abeuti
/ 阿美優知 Abeuti

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【コンテンツ】 .vrm.unitypackage(VRMまたはVRChat).fbx .blend 頂点数:35,217 ポリゴン数:△68,135 ブレンドシェイプ:95 VRM 表情:69 Arkit 表情:あり マテリアル:18 シェーダー:Mtoon 専用ポーズファイル: .json x 3(VRM Posing Desktopで開く) store.steampowered.com/app/1895630/VRM_Posing_Desktop/ .anim x 3(Unityで開く) 【利用規約】 非商業利用 √ 許可 商業利用(ゲーム開発、ライブストリーミング、印刷など)√ 許可 二次的な変更 √ 許可 【Contents】 .vrm\.unitypackage(VRM or VRChat)\.fbx \.blend Vertex: 35,217 Polygons: △68,135 Blendshape: 95 VRM Expression: 69 Arkit Expression: Yes Material: 18 Shader: Mtoon Exclusive pose files: .json x 3 (Open with VRM Posing Desktop) store.steampowered.com/app/1895630/VRM_Posing_Desktop/ .anim x3 (Open with Unity) 【Terms of use】 Non-commercial use √ Allowed Commercial use (game development, live streaming, printing, etc.) √ Allowed Secondary modification √ Allowed

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1 month ago
@DreamyGrowth It's better to make it in unity. Here's the tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWa1UnbsmIU
1 month ago
forgot to ask but how did you animate the lights of her tail ? is it possible to do it in blender ?
1 month ago
This is truly incredible work.
3 months ago
@SoftGothdere Thank you for the praise! Glad you like her design❤
3 months ago
OMGG THIS IS SOO CoOL!! The Reflections, the lights in the shoes the PRETTY EYESSS


by Ailuz
by Alice
by rook
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