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Codename: Azure
Powers: can beam Azure Lightning with just a finger
Zacharia Jekata
/ Codename: Azure
Powers: can beam Azure Lightning with just a finger


Azura is one of the first female test subjects of Umbrella and the mother of the Jekata siblings. Three are currently living with her: Reef (oldest), Coral (middle), and Bumper (youngest). She survived the mothers plague that caused the mother to die after giving birth to her last child because her husband did not involve himself into such chaotic plan made by Stanley. She works constantly and doesn't have the time to spend with her kids much let alone family. She may be strict, but she does have a soft side as she doesn't want to see her kids unhappy and miserable and does her best to try and put her feelings aside. Coral learned this when she felt bad about the nice pair of black fingerless gloves that she told him to put back as she is picking out his clothes and asked him if he wanted to go with her to the grocery store to pick out something he likes, which he didn't believe and refused. Even then she promised she'll make it up for it (a promise she kept). It goes to show that strict moms do have a soft side.
by vani
by Gina
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