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While I was working on a "casual" version of my latest Avatar... I "let go" and went to create a solta of Elven Noble Outfit that I could use as a totally fantasy style casual "Outfit" (I'm still inclined to rework the casual version but I will do it at another time) all away... since there is a contest in progress on Vroid Hub... I thought ... why not participate at this point? the outfit seems ok and not yet published... so so I decided to put this outfit in competition, I'm not saying I'll win but the important thing is to have fun ^ _ ^.
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2 years ago
Stable version relase of Vroid Studio
2 years ago
Where exactly is the hair from? I've been seeing people use it but I have no idea where it's from. Is it a preset? I'm not seeing it on vroid 1.0.
2 years ago
I made a combination of the Vroid Studio pre-sets for the hair, I was undecided whether to do it with or without bangs, and then I decided for a cut like this, I must say that the more I look at it the more I am convinced that the choice of the cut is spot on.
2 years ago
I love how his hair looks! Also, the texture work is really good!


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