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1 year ago
Please see this example: The Pink Vroid Character (Risa) and the Black shape-shifting spider are not two characters! In Unity's character controller they are only one namely Risa! The other character is MOUNTED on top of Risa and moves in such autonomous fashion viewer sees them as two. Why I love your work, since I could then mix the multi-characters and come up with rich animation environments. If you like you could privately issue us .vrm or .fbx of your character, we sign a legal agreement that character is yours and yours alone... the usual. Artists here talk to me in Twitter Dara
1 year ago
I am creating cluster characters as in multiple characters connected to each other to form a multi-character for our RPGs. Please kindly cooperate to create some together: Unity 3D , all OS and browsers ... see my profile please. Love love love your work!


by 福猫
by Wiewa
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