Caramel Makita
/ Codename: Caramel
Powers: Mimic Female Singing Vocals, Call upon Sub-Personas at will, Prophetic Gift, Prophecy

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Caramel is the daughter of Vester Makita and is a famous singer and a skilled rapper. Her powers stem from her vocal cords that can mimic any female vocal singing voice. Don't worry, she has her own. Danger does not surprise her as she is used to it due to being a prophetess of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Yahweh. She is always calm and carefree as well as wise, smart, tactical, and sharp. Oh, she also has the power to call forth mythical monsters at command thanks to the incarnate power of Jurakan. Put simply, she is one of the Incarnates of Jurakan and one of the main protagonists supporters. Persona: Deborah


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