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Guppy Vokita
Powers: Waterbreathing, Body Inflation
Guppy Vokita
/ Guppy Vokita
Powers: Waterbreathing, Body Inflation


Guppy is a 13 year old diagnosed with Baby Toddler Syndrome. He is known to be mentally broken, physically disabled, lacks expressions, unable to understand or read emotions, and (in Cat's words) mentally retarded. Guppy is also known to be excessively loud and energetic, though he constantly has to sit in an automatic wheelchair, with the wheelchair under Cat's commands. Guppy has no friends to play with or be around with, because Cat knows that Guppy's powers can cause panic on the public. Even if Guppy is contained, his loud, noisy, and vocal behavior makes people stay away from him. Guppy loves to sing songs, but he's nonverbal and can only make noises and weird tones, not to mention that he loves to play with literal baby toys, lack the knowledge of germs, and that he uses the bathroom like a baby. Because of the treatment the other students gives him, Guppy would make a sad face, starts sniffing, then crying and screaming. Guppy also has restraints strapped on his arms and around his torso, while sitting on a diaper changing device equipped inside the wheelchair that incinerates the old, leaving no sense of foul smell and only releasing the smell of smoke. Guppy is also sanitized around his body at the start of morning and at nighttime. Chi and Yaquel, roommates/cousins, were the only ones who cared for Guppy, though Chi makes clumsy accidents and mistakes when taking care of Guppy, extremely clumsy. Whether Guppy cries for either the stupidest, saddest, or frightful reasons, he is nevertheless happy that he feels loved by his two cousins and, because of this, Guppy learns to be more quiet and only makes soft sounds whenever he needs something. This officially marks Guppy as a supportive ally to Chi.


by Felly
by noche
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