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Cat Makita
Age: 62 Species: Cat Race: All Powers: Unlimited
Cat Makita
/ Cat Makita
Age: 62 Species: Cat Race: All Powers: Unlimited


Cat Makita is the son of Xavier and Ruta Makita, 2nd most successful test subject of Umbrella (formerly a test subject), and is the headmaster of Hope's Peak High. He is known to be selfish, charismatic, twisted, complex, unpredictable, difficult, irritating, playful, energetic, cheerful, lazy, rude, insensitive, wise, moody, comical, goofy, loving, considerate, inconsiderate, reckless, ruthless, humble, gluttonous, gassy, kinky, eccentric, profane, cryptic, blunt, truthful, extremely intelligent, merciful, merciless, forgiving, petty, childish, and bossy. Cat has been a successful test subject ever since he was a little kitten due to his numerous powers and abilities that are overpowering, overbearing, and even to the point that it's almost godlike. However, Cat believes in Yahweh (God) and has powerful wisdom to acknowledge his mistakes and weaknesses. Cat loves his family and the well being of others, but also loves to push peoples buttons and always tells the truth straight into their face even if it means to put words in for them to understand and acknowledge. Cat has 10 children known as the Neko-Kittens and a beautiful wife name Kattee Sundrayi. Despite the good and the bad, Cat always has comical moments and his kinky moments. He always has a fetish of rapid fattening masculine, nerdy, jockey, already fat, or entitled (which would be humbled later on) males (only towards his students) on all areas of their body to the point that he causes them to expand drastically with numerous methods and expand large amounts of fat blubber, most specifically the buttocks area becoming just as big as the belly. Cat expresses this by his erotic behavior which consists him of doing the SMG4 AI breaking and literally throwing stuff around his office (he keeps his exoticness inside his office only). And though it is questionable about him being straight, Cat truthfully confirms that he is straight. Just has a fetish problem. Cat knows both past, present, and future thanks to his Precognition, Morphogenetic Field, Highly Advanced SHIFTing, Super Senses, and other limitless powers. Cat is always forgiving and does respect others feelings. But there are also times where he doesn't. Cat has also been known to be extremely aggressive, tormenting, and violent towards his special needs students diagnosed with experimental disorders whenever they become loud, illogical, whiney, stubborn, messy, nasty, or demanding. This is the reason why the special needs students (in general) behave properly because of Cat's strict, careless, violent, and intimidating demeanor out of constant fear that they might upset him. But Cat despite his negative actions regardless, has been shown to be extremely fair and only wants the best of others even if it means to put them into situations and show kindness to them and will even stand up for those who are still suffering and not getting the help they deserved should he have to intervene (despite his strong laziness) because of something similar that he had to go through and has been known to shed many tears, heavily hinting that he's went through something that literally jacked him up very badly. He also gives comfort to his special needs students by showing consideration, acknowledgement, understanding, love, care, and wise encouragement, another reason why Cat is well respected by his SN students. He'll even activate his Steatokinesis onto himself and becoming a huge fat furball to give them cuddles. Cat has been a well respected headmaster and beloved by his students despite his actions and is even getting earning others trust, a trust that he'll never betray and would only betray should there be a valid and good reason. Cat is the 2nd oldest of the Makita Siblings.


by ģamer
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