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Name: Cat Makita
Powers: Unlimited
Cat Makita
/ Name: Cat Makita
Powers: Unlimited


Selfish, merciless, blunt, sly, agile, silly, highly intelligent, has a big appetite, childish, sinister, moody, playful, random, witty, selfless, wise, considerate, fair, take actions both properly and unproperly at times, can get bored at anytime though rarely, both reasonable and unreasonable, sarcastic, and has far more powers than any other successful test subject of Umbrella, making him the #1 successful test subject. The 2nd incarnate of Jurakan, Cat has knowledge beyond human process and loves to play games and ensuring that the rules are followed and keeping track on everyone's behavior and actions, thanks to his unlimited powers and the ability to SHIFT to different timelines. Despite having loads of powers, therefore making him extremely overpowered, he chooses to use his powers wisely and carefully, though he tends to go overboard a tiny bit for reasons either too easy or too complicated to explain. Nevertheless, he is one of the main protagonists and a prophet of the Lord. Ultimate: Test Subject
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