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/ FutabaSakura


A rework of my Futaba Sakura Jacket version. I took down the old one, due to dissatisfaction of the old version, now an improved version is here, it's only been a week since I got into VRoid and I felt I learned alot, still need to learn more, also Futaba is STILL missing the headphones :P. Nonetheless, I feel pretty proud of this and will apply improvements as I learn more. Please leave me feedback and tell me what you think. Credit goes to SANGATSUNO USAGI for the Tanktop asset and credit goes to gomivroid for the boots asset, and credit goes to VRoid for the remaining assets. Update: Futaba now has her headphones, I can't seem to edit the colors too much however, if I can figure that out I'll update accordingly. Anyway Futaba for the most part is complete. Credit goes to fuuririn for the headphones asset and me editing it to fit Futaba's character. Another Update: Changed Futaba's eye color and the color of her headphones to match her character more. Another Update: Added her black leggings, tweaked the jacket and white shirt to lessen the clipping, and redid the red splash texture.
by crodu
by hana0
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