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21 days ago
we used your character ONLY for show in our animation videos and posted them in Linked In in case you are interested to cooperate with us and do more such animations: <--- wall run beautiful! Your character is admirable in all aspects (a bit too exposed though). Full credit was give to you and this account and we are not planning to sell nor transfer or alter your character. Darragh
1 year ago
Please see this for Boids: Boids explained here: AI-2's antennas communicate with the "flockmates" instruct them to attack or defend or explode ... Now you see why I liked your AI-2 concept. BTW, we can have multiple bolts with different colours and there are far better ones, if people use these characters a lot we will invest in better bots Dara
1 year ago
@DaraShayda the form of electric bolts !
1 year ago
See these please to see the VFX for radio-waves renditions, in the form of electric bolts (one of many ideas): This one the AIOS drone on the left shoulder turns on the Force Field: or laser scan autonomous AI weapon systems
1 year ago
@DaraShayda Transmission and reception of radio waves😆


by roroha
by kafka
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