Ella Rosette
/ Ella Rosette
Age: 19 Species: Human Race: English

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A princess to a royal house family and one of Harold's best friends. She's a complete airhead of all airheads, often switching topics, saying the stupidest and most utter cliche thing, eating nothing but rocks at times of survival, and is highly oblivious to any means of danger. Ella had a crush on Harold due to the times they've been through together. But after Harold admits his love to Ayin Makita, A.K.A. Untouchable Girl, she felt heartbroken and friendzoned but still kept a strong relationship with Harold as close friends, directing her feelings towards Donovan instead. Both she and Donovan eventually forged a romantic relationship to a point where both ended up married. This is highly due to the number of times Donovan kidnapped Ella 17 different times.


by Me
by avalon
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