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Molly Lisanna
Age: 14 Species: Human Race: Caucasian/American/Navajo
Molly Lisanna
/ Molly Lisanna
Age: 14 Species: Human Race: Caucasian/American/Navajo


Molly Lisanna is a freshman at Hope's Peak High and is a popular girl at school due to her good looks. She is known to be sassy, sarcastic, bossy, bully-like, blunt, girlie, moody, spoiled, bratty, egotistic, childish, and petty. Known for her entitlement and mistreatment towards others, Molly always gets what she wants and loves to harass others for the sake of entertainment. She also takes pleasure of torturing people. Trace Gillean, a bully-fueled and nerdy boy, ranks top of her list and even has her own boyfriend beat him up just to watch Trace squirm in pain. After Trace was arrested for the murders of the Scissorman case, which he was framed of, Molly decided to throw a birthday party for herself and invited the most popular and what people she likes. During the party, everyone was having a great time of their life and Molly loved it. But when everyone left after the party was finished, one of her friends stayed behind, sitting on the couch motionless. All the lights were out and Molly was by herself while her parents were out having time for themselves. Molly thought that this was some kind of joke and called out to her, but still no reply. That was when she noticed something red and staining her back. Molly went to touch her hoping for a scare or something since she's now full of fear hoping that she was wrong. But oh was she so right. Her fears were confirmed when her friends body collapsed on the floor and disconnecting her torso and legs, implying that she'd been cut in half from her torso. That was when Scissorman made his presence known by ambushing Molly. Fortunately, Molly survived the ambush, but was forced to survive until her parents come home. While surviving, Molly called the police and informed them of the situation, but the 911 operative informed her that the Scissorman case has already been solved and that Trace is still in prison and then hanging up on her. Then, it clicked. Trace was framed for the murders he didn't commit, and that the real one is still out there. Molly survived the attacks from Scissorman and her parents made it home. When she tried to tell them what happened, they brushed it off saying that someone was just pranking her. Not even her friends believe her the next day, laughing that it's just a prank. Molly's boyfriend also thought that she was joking. Enraged, frustrated, and feeling alone, she smacks him and told him that it's over and to never speak to her again before running off in tears, sobbing. Molly was even kicked out from her house after their parents found out about her actions towards other helpless and bullied students. Molly tried to bring back Reiko into her life, but was instead rejected by him and confirming the breakup himself. She also gets a lot of absurd, dangerous, and yet humorous moments. Examples? The one time where the male jocks increasingly grew fatter to the point that they were filling up the locker room and still consuming foods unaware that their ginormous buttocks are squishing Molly, the time where a bungy went horribly wrong as the rope snapped and sending her into the river where she is found alive but body completely distorted the next day, and that one time where Molly ran for dear life by Reiko's numerous dogs of different breeds for mistreating not only him but to others as well and literally ran from country to country to the point that she even ran on water while the dogs were chasing her in different methods of transportation such as biplanes, trains, motorbikes, etc. All because of Molly's selfish entitlement and girlie yet sassy, boastful, rude, and disrespectful behavior and actions. The comical, comedic, and cartoon-like physics were turned on by Cat Makita via 4th Wall Breaking because he maniacally knew what God would throw at her for every time she became stubborn and arrogant. Not in a safe way, but rather instructed by God since Molly still has crimes, big and small, to pay and still showing mercy. Molly would soon make a pact with the Monark Narcissus and become the Pactbearer of Narcissism. Railo, with the help of Molly's father Harris Lisanna, Pactbearer of Humility, managed to break Molly's Ideal after defeating her and her Monark and confronted her about how she felt after losing everything and realizing why the other kids she's bullied throughout the years took their own lives. She claims that she's still not going to change her ways, but will be more cautious as to what she says to other people about ridding themselves for being lower than her and more considerate towards other people, implementing that she has acknowledged her atrocities and was more careful with her words after losing everything. So currently, she's still bratty and demanding but never curses people to just die, though her bratty behavior, as always, comes back to bring her more havoc upon herself.


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