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Averline (DDO)
/ Averline (DDO) V.1.1.1
Averline is a very ambitious gnome, a little distracted at times and clumsy, but under her innocence and cheerfulness there is a formidable alchemist behind her, her potions are formidable and incredible, once she is also able to create a small bomb that has transformed in golden statues a whole army of orcs that was about to attack a village near Stormreach, unlike his cousin Banobras Averline is always ready to come forward even if well... sometimes she too like him take it easy in anxiety at the first difficulty that arises in front of him, together with Fenix he has experienced numerous adventures and are still great friends today.
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The model was entirely made in blender, this is more of an experiment to test my level of skill in Blender and find out and I can create Models for VRchat and V-Tubing from 0, let's say I used some blender add-on like chats to make the weight peint easy for the dress and SoftWarp a paid add-on for Blender that allows you to quickly and easily create a retopologist of a Hight poly mesh using another optimized model as if it were a kind of cloth that stick to desired mesh ( There was only one problem last week with the blender files, because I stupidly put them on a micro SD and this last Sunday destroyed all my files by corrupting them so I had to take an extra week to redo the whole model and if I can tell... it was in the end a great thing because I was able to review the model and the blendshapes better, BtW I'm happy and excited with the final result I like the model a lot and finally my alchemist gnome is free from the universe of Ebberon (Dungeon & Dragons Online - DDO) once and for all.




by Shadow
by nenoki
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