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Name: Xenos (Deadname: Morthiel) Gender: Male Species: Demon (fallen guardian) Personality: Distant, unfathomable, cold, stern, profound Skills: Travelling to different universes, blending in with the inhabitants while keeping his form (hypnosis/manipulation), unleashing high power frequencies in form of electricity Likes: Solitude, taking in beneficial knowledge, sweet things like bitter chocolate and desserts, thunderstorms Dislikes: Crowds, sensory overload, interruption of personal space and privacy, affection, lust Strenghts: Vivid memory, experienced with things he has learned throughout his existence, good at connecting informations, great listener if he wants to, loyal Flaws: Compulsive self-control, on alert, acts impulsively upon physical contact with his scars (self protective reflex), trying to prove himself - failure leading to violent outbursts and self-destructive behavior, jaded (partly due to past substance abuse, mainly because of trauma) Fears: Heights, developing or showing trust, empathy and other vulnerable feelings (thus, masking most emotions with indomitable behavior and arrogance to intimidate and block others), PTSD flashbacks, loss of self-control Voice/tone/enunciation: Bass (very deep), resonant, clear, calm but firm, articulate (Example: Geoff Castellucci - The Tell-Tale Heart) Age: Immemorial Height: 2,18 m Interests: They fluctuate throughout time Beliefs: None Romantic orientation: None Se*ual preferences: Avoidant More about Xenos: Instagram: porcelain_hands


1 year ago
hello if possible can i use it as craftopia character?


by Rxndom
by 00_no
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