/ The 1st Reminiscence
An enmity-craving creature of bio-gelatinous nature, Yukoinichi hails from a universe far from our own. She has taken a delight towards humans. Probably because they make good meals. If you catch my drift.. O_O A word to the wise: If she ever smiles or looks really happy, don't think she's truly happy - most likely, she's devised a way to turn you or someone else into a meal.
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Shedding her custom-built armor after a forced reset of her home universe, Yukoinichi took the opportunity to assume a concept of a teenage appearance, given her species were born physically as adults...but very few such as herself could freely change her body shape. It's been several millennia since she last took on this form once more.


by Raúl
by Nohva
by Bry
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