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[DESCRIPTION EDITED: Important terms of use update at the bottom] SO happy that Vroid studio became complete enough, to the point I literally managed to make a furry like character! I'm really proud of it although the fur may have issues and the lack of a tail and digitigrade legs. This is Emii. They're going to be a free to use and edit character, as they were my test furry model and not a personal oc. Although I do not allow commercial use of this specific model, I allow its alteration, and if you do VISIBLY altere it (aka using it as a base for something where the original model is less recognizable than for example just changing the clothes and making the eyes glow), I allow the commercial use of edited models. Just make sure to credit me and pay attention to the default textures! I used a lot, I did not change the clothes as you can see. You can also assign a personality to any alternative models. I'm also okay with anyone "headcannoning" Emii's original personality, although their model data says only I can. I don't know how to change it :') I will likely make more outfits for Emii in the future. If you use Emii for anything, you don't have to, but I'd like it if you tagged me (Idk how tagging works on this website) or contacted me on Discord (at Phantaemon#1141) so that I can see what you did! I'd love to see others using Emii honestly. And finally, yes, you can publish the edited models as long as you link the original back! One more thing. I do not allow, under any circumstances, for Emii or ANY OF MY MODELS to be used as of for NFTs, in ANY WAY. Emii was created to help artists and creators. Not endanger them.
Darian Reeve
2 years ago
Hexen Meister
2 years ago
Stirhy ur model look soooo cute ❤
2 years ago
OMG so many views likes and A HUNDRED DOWNLOADS??? Thank you so much! I'm glad my model was enjoyed. However, since a lot of issues concerning NFTs arose, especially amongst artists, I will add to this model's term of use my COMPLETE DISAGREEMENT with the use of Emii's model for NFTs. IN. ANY. WAY. This should not be problematic for anyone using it I believe! I simply do not wish for my creations to be used, or stolen, for such dangerous uses. Dangerous not only for artists, but also for the environment, and more recently, people's lives.


by Osi
by JaosOL
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