Mirage Sun
/ Mirage Sun - Dancer
Mirage Sun comes from the south of the Philippines. She is a sexy dominant, ruthless woman who uses her grace and seductive manners to impress her targets. Mirage learned the many arts of seduction. Now she may be one of the most convincing women if she needs to. She is a Mechanic Engineer, Chief operating officer of a leading enterprise in the market. During her free time, Mirage spends time as an influencer and VTuber. She has a majority business stake in a Biotechnological enterprise, relevant for the world's market. Her fans get closer to 350K in ShotPic and Dance Pot and raising. Mirage is "open-minded" with guys and babes. Once in a while, she appears at nightclubs looking for fun.

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Mirage uses semi-shaved green hair with bangs. In this model, where she uses blushes and violet lipstick, you can see the glitter in different parts of her outfit: A blue halter top with some details, Pole dance panties, and pink stockings. Also, she is wearing purple high-heels for dancing.


2 years ago
Another absolute cutie, i love how her clothes glitter ´ ▽`


by Parple
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