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Coolest KJ
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For those you don't know, he is based off of an AU made by Otomerson(On twitter), It is a very dark fanfic so I do not recommend for the easily triggered.This avatar took a lot for me to make even if it's so simple. Honestly if there is anyone out there willing to make this a VRChat avatar, Please let me know.
Coolest KJ
1 year ago
@boi oh boi also sorry that this is..SUPER late,I’ve been trying to make it work myself then gave up. Im sure your attempt was much better than mine and I’m sure you’re probably not into this anymore but I thought it was worth a shot to reach out now that I have more time to myself! Hope you’re doing well! Have a good day!
Coolest KJ
1 year ago
@boi oh boi Im glad you love the model! I would love to see what was the progress! My VRChat user is ~Polaroid~ and actually I’ve been working on a pursuit!Sunny recently if you would like to look into that as well!
boi oh boi
2 years ago
looks really great! i also wanted to let you know that i am making it into a vrchat avatar as of typing this. my friend and me both love the pursuit au and i was already working on it till just saw the "Honestly if there is anyone out there willing to make this a VRChat avatar, Please let me know" thing


by Sunny
by Silas
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