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Name: Agardo Makita
Powers: Fire Generation, Pyrokinesis, Bodily Gas Manipulation (Farting Fire)
Agardo Makita
/ Name: Agardo Makita
Powers: Fire Generation, Pyrokinesis, Bodily Gas Manipulation (Farting Fire)


Agardo Makita is one of the most hot-headed members of the Doom Patrol, a 4th semester student at Hope's Peak High, and is the Ultimate Street Fighter. He is known to be hot-headed (obviously), merciless, stubborn, arrogant, disrespectful, profane, and comical. Agardo snaps at anyone even for the littlest things, especially when someone tries to be kind to him. Whenever he's in an angry state, there's no stopping it nor persuading him, as he often resorts to violence. In other words, one wrong move and you'll be beaten to a bloody pulp. The only people that can outmatch him is Chi (Kai) Makita, Cat Makita (Headmaster of Hope's Peak High), and Niles Caulder, the Chief. Niles, despite being on a wheelchair and giving him a disadvantage, managed to keep hold of Agardo whenever he's in his enraged state and locks him in his room so that he can cool off. Eventually, Agardo began showing his weaknesses: loneliness, depression, anxiety, and confliction, leaving the Chief to comfort him. One day later, Agardo began to feel calmer than usual, though his right eye does tend to twitch from time to time. Nevertheless, he began to respect people and treat them cheerfully, reacting properly to situations, and even standing up for the weak and strong depending on the situation. While he is rowdy, loud, still hot-headed, and merciless, he does have a cheerful, comical, supportive personality. Agardo is the son of Xavier Makita. Ultimate: Street Fighter
by ggggh
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