/ Shima (しま)
Kaiyo katsume

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Meet Shima! A shy introverted boy who likes spending time in his room reading or gaming.🌸 Shima is 100% free and you can use him how ever you like just please credit me in some way also this is my first Vroid model please don't judge theres probably some messed up stuff❤️ (I WILL BE REMAKING SHIMA SOON)

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Kaiyo katsume
2 months ago
@aceattack Yes i can and ill try it fix his eyes and shading also!
2 months ago
can you put him in a suit?
Kaiyo katsume
9 months ago
I want to try making different styles or models and need ideas so comment what kind of character you would like to see and ill try to make it ! >w<


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by Hanaki
by Donkey
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