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This is a third version of the seductive assassin, again due to the fact, that in Craftopia black clothes do not look very good. I thought I would give her a leo bikini outfit with a touch of lilac for that purpose. You can name her and user her as you wish. If you re-work and upload her, credits are not necessary, but most appreciated. Not for commercial use! If the model looks too bright or dark in Craftopia, play around with the saturation and luminance values in the VRoid hub settings of the game. Have fun! =3


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If this is set to "YES", others can use this model according to the conditions of use set by its creator. Model data (VRM format) can be provided to other users, who can use it for various VR/AR platforms and other types of 3D content linked with VRoid Hub.
Format: VRM 0.0
Conditions of use: Avatar use: NO/Violence: YES/Sexual acts: YES/Corporate use: NO/Individual commercial use: NO/Alterations: YES/Redistribution: YES/Attribution: Unnecessary