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Edit by BaronOBeefDip. Don't know much about this character, but I do know they are from Deltarune.
8 months ago
@JoelZero1237 The model is available to be used in connected apps. Downloads are disabled to protect myself, and allow my models to remain up for those who want to use them. If I enable downloads, I could be taken down by copyright. It's inconvenient, but I'd prefer my account to remain up, and these models to be preserved.
8 months ago
Download access, please.!
10 months ago
@..... If you don't like it, you can block me. This model was uploaded for BaronOBeefDip. It is one of his VRChat commissions, and I was given permission to upload it at the request of the commissioner. I'm not going to allow this comments section turn into an anti-furry hate brigade. I'm not into furries either, but I won't discriminate over what a person wants to use in Craftopia.
10 months ago
What the hell
1 year ago
@kybjfhyfhughhgg I’m not entirely sure where Baron got the model. I think he got it from a VRChat avatar package.


by Hanako
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