Louie Leons
/ Louie Leons 2
Mahmoud Ibrahim
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My second own OC and creation, Louie Leon, Please! anyone who go this page read the description below He used to be a normal man, but now a humanoid lion, there was a mutation in his DNA when he was newborn was dorment, the mutation begun to affect him when he reached 20 years old for now, now he lives the life of an anthropomorphic lion, he is also the boldest, most resilient, optimistic, skilled, experienced and smartest among all my OCs. Before he reached 20 and became the lion he is now, he was once a leader of Skilled Fighters in martial arts as he was a great martial artist too, He and his fellow fighters both fought together thugs, bullies, and even giants and powerfull non-human creatures, later he meets a mix of human and lizard named Frank Frogboy. hub.vroid.com/en/characters/7519986744573556429/models/3767717201407813049 He saves him from terrorists and later becomes a good friend with him, but after 30 years of friendship, Louie wanted to tell Frank that he felt some sort of hair and genes of lion affecting him, but didn't want Frank to disbelive him, Louie tried to warn Frank from his mutation when he reach 20, because when he was 12, the doctor warned him that as of 20 years old, his mutation will begin to happen to him, but was pretty sure Frank would believe him, because he also has a mutation that turned him into the ugly lizard/frog he is now. after Louie warned him, Frank explained that the mutation happened to him earlier, the doctor told him that as of 16 years old, his mutation will begin to happen.




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