/ Kōrivos Hime

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So this lovely child was created in VRoid studio first before I made the picture of her. I wanted her to be an Ice-Fox-Princess character so I literally named her that, Kori is japanese for ice, vos is dutch for fox, and hime is japanese for princess. I totally struggled for an outfit after working so hard on her face so I went with a simple school uniform kinda that kinda has the same vibes as PunkBune's school uniform. I honestly wanted to create something like a cute fluffy blue dress with lots of bows and lace but I had no idea where to start and how to accomplish it as I'm still learning how to layer in Vroid studio. I had also created her with the intent to perhaps auction her but she is so darn cute I'm not sure if I could let her go so willingly. Plus I don't even know if anyone would be interested... Want to see some art I created of her? Check it out here: www.deviantart.com/punkbune/art/Korivos-Hime-908984821


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