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My name is スイカちゃんSuika-chan aka Watermelon-Chan, I am an African American that just move to Japan around 2019, I have a love for the sea, I wish to be a Marine biologist, and be the first female Scuba diver to reach 534.92M, but my teacher, Friends, and Diving Instructor said that it's too dangerous to go that deep. so, I train by going to the Scuba School of Tokyo or SST, and that's where I meet パシフィック ハクPashifikku haku she also went to this school as well. she invites me too the オルカリーフ Orukarīfu which is a sailor club of both in and out of my school. So, I join the Orukarīfu and Tell my new best friend about my goal about wanting to be the first woman to going to the depth of 534.92M, both Pashifikku and the Orukarīfu member think I'm crazy, but they will support and help me Achieve this goal. I'll do my best.


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