/ Draconic Elvona
Elvona, a Elf girl who loves great clothes... Credit to the creators of the textures being used can be found down below in the description!

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A sexy dragon lady, in a dress, with no wings! I made this model directly off of her previous model, "Elvona at the Prom": hub.vroid.com/en/characters/3844528876359405822/models/805192736882271672 I've also added in some "chest physics"... Credit to: MAJOR CRETDIT TO Pokepall23 for the prom dress: ko-fi.com/s/13b1181887 Horn Set, by Barcelona: booth.pm/en/items/2754414 Elegant Underthings: booth.pm/en/items/3566198 Jeweled Lace Jewelry Pack: booth.pm/en/items/3607245 The pearl necklace and shoes (parts of "Vroid Red Sparkle Evening Wear"): booth.pm/en/items/3012212

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