Yumiki Manuel
/ Yumiki Manuel
Age: 17-18 Species: Human Race: Japanese-Mexican

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A senior year student and one of the LDA's clients. At first glance, she is already seen as a spoiled brat ordering the LDA to do their job and to make sure her abusive father Kadashi gets arrested. When the LDA succeeded, she tells them that they should've arrested her brother too, seeing how she was forced to do the dirty work despite his immobility and abuse from his father, as well as having the mind of a young child. She was dissatisfied and angry when she was scolded about just how spoiled she is even when she was abused, prompting her to leave. Yumiki would eventually end up dropping out of school and leaving her mother alone instead of being there for her in a tough situation. She can be seen in a strip club being tortured by fat, blubbery men growing all sides, confirming that she really didn't care about her future, let alone situation, and only wanted to live her life the way she wants it. Of all the Manuel family members available to forge a bond with (her mother, Kadashi, and her brother), Yumiki is the only one unavailable to forge a bond with, seeing how she views her family and the world around her.


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