/ 2a-7(ammo)
拾い部屋( hiroiheya.booth.pm/ )様の2A-7ちゃん( booth.pm/ja/items/1197108)です。 再配布可能モデルなので利用可能。 気になった人はサイトへ飛ぼう。

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10 months ago
Hello https://youtu.be/kBFAzfU0eiM First experiment with 2a-7 and it was instantly loved by everyone in our team and many over at linkedin and TikTok. Your design performed admirably once animated with Nested Blended Trees in Unity 2023.2 Beta. Issues: 1. The Face Guard, that protects the face occludes the character's vision and completely hides the face during Japanese sword stance 2. Default Hand configuration needs to be more curled as in half-fist in order to hold the sword naturally I wish for us to cooperate Dara
1 year ago
What amazing talent and beauty


by dls19
by kafka
by 卡蒙
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