Doju Ramuijin
/ Doju Ramuijin
Title: Booty-Growing Ma 'Cherry Age: 18 Species: Human Race: Japanese Body Malfunctions: Rear Expansion Persona: Khepri Element: Bufu Weapon: Shotgun

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A senior at Hope's Peak High assigned to the Shujin Student Building and is a foster child of the Beauregarde Family Household. A boorish guy with a lazy personality and wishes to be back on the track field. However, he's never actually been in a track team, because that possibility was taken away once he tried out the Cherry Gum flavor at Wonka's factory and making him expand into a ginormous cherry shaped boy ever since he was little, thus having body fat problems, as his rear expands rapidly from time to time, giving him rather little contact to other human beings. his belly is no exception either, though only spills slightly. The rear is the only one that spills and bulges out of his back pants, making it difficult for him to maneuver by the enormous round plumps. His everyday life is no different to that of Silver Theodore, another foster child in the Beauregarde Family Household, constantly boasting about how he wishes to be a track star yet not doing any of the work. But after the P-2 Grand Prix, Doju finally accepts that it is inevitable to reach his once possible now never dream of becoming a track star. However, he assumes a different goal instead: A specialist for those who have autism and to spread awareness as well. Though sluggish, he holds an unconditional love for the ones he cherishes the most to heart. Even if he's completely sarcastic.


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