/ Osana Najimi - kun
༺࿅ིཽ༼♡AmAi♡༽࿅ིཽ༻ ༺࿅ིཽ༼♡OsAn♡༽࿅ིཽ༻ ╔━═━═━︽︾♚︾︽━═━═━╗ R•U•L•E•S please.. 1.Don't distribute my models❌ 2.do not use for purposes of 18+ [violence, sexual intercourse, etc.] (excluding models with 18+ installation)❌ 3.Don't edit my models❌ 4.do not exhibit my models under your own name,nickname❌ if you send somewhere (for display) a model, then mark me Aluria Casoru!!!! ❗IF I SEE THAT THE RULES HAVE BEEN VIOLATED, I CLOSE DL❗ ╚━═━═━︾︽♔︽︾━═━═━╝ Y͜͡A͜͡N͜͡D͜͡E͜͡R͜͡E͜͡ S͜͡I͜͡M͜͡U͜͡L͜͡A͜͡T͜͡O͜͡R͜͡ 👀__no__dl__

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༺࿅ིཽ༼♡OsAn♡༽࿅ིཽ༻ Osan and Senpai have been close friends since childhood. They always lived nearby and went to school together. Despite their closeness, Osan is always rude to Senpai; he gets irritated easily and gets angry quickly when he is around. The reason for this attitude is that Osan has developed romantic feelings for Senpai, but he is afraid that he will find out how he really treats him. He doesn't want senpai to know about hes feelings. However, hes real goal is to confess them under the cherry tree behind the school ... and he cannot be stopped, this day will come very soon.




by Bladie
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