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Name: Taejŏn Makita
Powers: Organic Blades, Jaws
Taejŏn Makita
/ Name: Taejŏn Makita
Powers: Organic Blades, Jaws


Taejŏn is half human half tarkatan. While his appearance is rather scary, including the organic blades in his arms, He is actually a bit childish at times. He is however mature than the rest of his brothers and sisters, but he still does childish things with his brothers. He is also very overprotective, meaning that if anyone ever mess with his own family, he'll find the most torturous punishment for that specific person. Even for the smallest things. His overprotectiveness leads people including family members to stay away from him, which can make him both lonely and sad. He has a lot of anxiety and tends to hide it a lot. When he was dragged into the Persona Nonary Game, his anxiety level exploded, making his overprotectiveness overbearing. When he was subdued, he broke into tears, no longer able to hold back any emotion. Athena calmed him down and gave him advice that bottling up his feelings won't make things right for him. That's why he has parents; to guide their children in the right path and not making rational decisions. His overprotectiveness faded and he began to mature a lot more than before. Still, it doesn't change his childish personality, but he does become a better brother. Years later, he becomes one of the players of the Main Game, supporting Aurora Makita, his little sister and main protagonist. Taejŏn is known to be laid-back, goofy, dumb, lazy, constantly gassy, childish, considerate, playful, comical, and a comedian.
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