Sarah Veron (Larson)
/ Sarah Veron (Larson)
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This is Sarah, who is Misty and Evelyn’s mom. She’s about 29-30 years old, but still looks fairly young. She may look nice, but she’s way more- the opposite. She used to have a traumatizing upbringing, leading her into madness. She used to be a nice woman, which is the reason why she was married to her husband. But later on, when Misty was born, something changed. She became a two faced woman. One side was nice, pleasant, beautiful. The other, was wretched, twisted, abusive. It were those very same things that she did to her children. She was later on divorced for her actions. (IM SO SORRY I DIDNT UPLOAD A NEW MODEL YESTERDAY- I had homework and I was feeling REALLY tired. Also, The last name of the family is veron btw)


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