Gitake Taira
/ Gitake Taira
Age: 22 Species: Mutant Race: Japanese Powers: Super Intelligence

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Gitake Taira is a college student at Hope's Peak High and is the receptionist of the 7Individuals. She is known to be kind, sweet, cheerful, airheaded, cunning, smart, highly intelligent, skilled, and a hard-worker. She, like Katie, joined the 7Individuals because she wants to reach out to people and to help them even if the job she chooses is small, which the leader, Harold Jaeger, agrees. Though known for her airheaded-ness, she is a hard-working woman who left campus to help out the 7Individuals and taking Hope's Peak High's online classes. Put simply, she has superpowers known as Super Intelligence, meaning she has a sharp wit and guts to prove it. Gitake also offers coffee immediately. Especially when any situation is dire. She's the only member who doesn't have a hero name, so she's simply known as Ms. Taira and Taira-kun.


by Me
by Yui
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