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Merri Sharon
Merri Sharon
/ Merri Sharon


Merri Sharon is an 11-year-old girl born from Cerri Sharon at the age of 14. they needed more people like Cerri so they went straight from the source, which resulted in 2 female twins. Bonnie and Merri were both experimented on and still are to this day. the experiments resulted in more thigh and calf muscles for the twin girls, A somewhat faster Body Regeneration, and superhuman feats. Merri is the is Recessive/Submissive Twin, Just like her mother she waits for the right time to strike. will become Dominate and a leader when times are dire. Merri is the older twin by 4 seconds. Merri Retaned her mother's Precuscious nature, always getting Her sister out of trouble, abating bad situations that will result in harm (unless she is talking down the enemies to surprise attack them), most likely going to be the tactician in the army force. the experiments may have exponentially smarter she is still a child and is still limited by many things
by Brantk
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