Kim Sanchez
/ Outdoor Version
Kim Sanchez is the adoptive daughter of the Leeluc family and the personal secretary of the family's sole daughter, Lilac. She is cool and reliable and is Lilac's no.1 confidant. Kim proclaimed herself to be Lilac's bodyguard much to the latter's chagrin and promises to protect her from harm. She is outgoing and very approachable. Other info: - She addresses Lilac as "lady" (or "nee-san" on rare times). - She is very well versed in the martial arts particularly in aikido, taekwondo, judo, muay thai and arnis. - Being on the muscular and taller side, she purposely wears larger and loose clothes to conceal such features as people often get intimidated by her overall build. - Despite being great at martial arts, she is bad at dancing.
Dear Lilac
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Kim usually wears jackets, coats, and sweaters whenever she goes outside—even if its sweltering hot!


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