Gohana Resushi
/ Gohana Resushi
Age: 13 Species: Human Race: Japanese Units: Ashtoreth, Mafdet, Arachne

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Gohana Resushi is a freshman at Hope's Peak High and Gatekeeper Musician. She is known to be bully-fueled, timid, clumsy, and apologetic. Gohana was constantly bullied throughout her life. Seen as nothing more than a ragdoll to beat up with, she has been taken lightly and forgotten from others. She's also been used as some sort of fetish play toy for the boys such as stinkfacing and farting, butt crushing, butt shoving, belly crushing and smothering, etc. As for the girls, they judge her for the way she looks, her personality, and even roasting her entire existence. Even her own family, flesh and blood, finds her annoying. Fortunately, after removing herself from her title as Musician at Mobius2, her former bullies became her best friends and is becoming recognizable to society thanks to the Victorian Club.




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