Gohana Resushi
/ Gohana Resushi
Age: 13 Species: Human Race: Japanese Units: Ashtoreth, Mafdet, Arachne

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Gohana Resushi, A.K.A. Miss-Pop, is a Musician of Mobius2 and Gatekeeper. She is known to be cheerful, energetic, bright, joyful, excited, and stylish. Miss-Pop is first shown to be a talented, bright, and childish girl who loves style and personality. She creates her music in order to make people stay in Mobius2, unaware that their health in the real world is in danger if not taken care of. She ensures that everyone stays, finally getting people to love her and notice her. However, the Victorian Club, a club from Hope's Peak High with their main goal being to eliminate Mobius2, confronted her on stage just as she was about to take her leave with her fans. Su Ching, a freshman at Hope's Peak High, revealed Miss-Pop's true identity as Gohana Resushi, a bully-fueled girl who was known for her shy, timid, and clumsy nature and being a victim of bullying regardless of gender, but mostly male students who love to rub her face with their bums. She was also harassed by other girls for her imagery and out of style, even making fun of her for being a nerdy four-eyed girl. This came to utter shock to the fans, some of which were her male and female bullies, and gossiped about how she changed so much and even surprised. However, Gohana took it as gossiping and finally snapped her limits, summoning Ashtoreth, Mafdet, Arachne, and Charybdis. Despite her best efforts, she was defeated. Heartbroken and full of despair, she stated about her life being nothing a plain, christian girl who would be picked on just because she's simple, how she hated her bullies picking on her because of her religion background and plain style of clothing, how she had no one reaching out for her when on the ground, and the fact that everyone, no matter how good they are, walk past her with a blind eye as if she was nothing more than an object or ghost. When B offered her a position to become a Musician, and how everyone, including her bullies, would love her because of her songs and be recognized by society, which she happily accepts. Su Ching states that she was and is just like her, being pushed around, bullied, harassed because of lack of trendy style of clothing, looked down upon, beaten and sent flying, ignored, and unrecognized by society until she was forced to find her misfortunes a laughable sort as a coping mechanism for herself. Not even her own family recognizes her, as if she wasn't even part of the family to begin with and constantly forgotten until her presence is known by calling out to them, which they find annoying. Su also states that she misunderstood what the crowd was saying about her, implying that they were actually surprised that she made it this far (the crowd exited the stadium when the battle ensued). As for the bullies, who were still there and hiding, overheard this and became extremely guilty about this, coming on stage and comforting her. Gohana, who felt real love and recognition for the first time in her life, broke down into tears of emotions. After part of Mobius2 been removed from reality, Gohana, in her normal, everyday attire, focused hard in her school and is becoming more recognized and respected. Even her former bullies became her friends, some of which began to blimp up a bit, and the girls wearing less makeup than usual, going for normal, everyday makeup instead. Gohana will become a playable party member in the Victorian Club in the climax.




by Donkey
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