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Yunjun Haikido
Age: 14 Species: Human Race: Japanese Units: Poliahu, Takemikazuchi, Lycaon
Yunjun Haikido
/ Yunjun Haikido
Age: 14 Species: Human Race: Japanese Units: Poliahu, Takemikazuchi, Lycaon


Yunjun Haikido is a freshman at Hope's Peak High and a Musician Gatekeeper of the Pokemon Sun and Moon Dimension. He is known to be posture-lacking, boorish, nerdy, geeky, awkward, and bully-fueled. Yunjun, under the Musician name "Yu-H" (pronounced Yun), was constantly bullied by others for his chubby and scrawny appearance and for his gluttonous appetite, consuming foods as if it was nothing and releasing heavy, deep winds of flatulence due to his bodily fluids building up rapidly depending on what food he eats. This was because of his anxiety, trying to cope with the pain that he constantly carries because of his mom, dad, and older twin brothers, who are seniors and are slim boys compared to Yunjun. Thus, B made him a Musician and giving him his gatekeys containing Primary Units: Poliahu, Takemikazuchi, Lycaon, and Inari. He faces Victoria and her friends when they finally backed Yunjun in a corner, thus engaging in battle. After Yunjun was defeated, Yunjun felt despair because he now has no one to turn to and has nowhere to call home, let alone a safe haven. Shanna Moon, Champion of Alola and Gatekeeper companion of Victoria, comforts Yunjun by embracing him with a hug and reminding him that he's just broken inside and needing to be repaired by people who truly cares for him, which deeply moves Yunjun as he began to weep loudly than ever. As Victoria becomes a primal spy for the Musician group, Yunjun is a playable character and can be swayed to side with the Victorian Club in the finale when finding out the real truth behind one of the members of the Musicians plans of destroying both reality and Mobius2 for vengeance. Since then, he became a little more opened and is becoming more of a person to society and earning both love and respect by others. Even his older twin brothers began to love him dearly. Yunjun's parents were soon arrested for child neglect and accepting abuse Yunjun receives from others, now under Cat Makita's custody, who treats Yunjun as if he was his own son.
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