The Primordial
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The Primordial an angrogynous figure of immense omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience. They are the sentient embodiment of the known multiverse as well as the creater of all things. Including the nmany dimensions and realms, pockets in space and in time, and of course life in every stage, state of being, and awareness. As well as levels of sentience (godliness). They are also the host, guide, and sometimes narrator of our many adventures. Rarely do they ever interact with the lower gardens of the Edens-Verse. They simply spend their time observing their garden and entertaining you the masses.
The Primordial

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The Primordial is the creator of all things in the Edens-verse. they are also the narrator of the many stories that take place in the Edens-verse.


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