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Name: Hamoro Sitakioka
Hamoro Sitakioka
/ Name: Hamoro Sitakioka


Hamoro Sitakioka is one of the players of the Death Game and is a rumormonger. Extremely obese, very diabetic, constantly hungry, and selfish, this guy can be a complete train wreck to anyone unfortunate enough to cross his path. He's completely greedy when it comes to food, only wanting to satisfy his own needs and wants, and doesn't care about others. However, when he was forced to play the Death Game, his hunger greatly increased and has become more demanding to the point of violence. Fortunately, his weight doesn't give him much energy, making him even more tired if he runs. When Hamoro falls right into a trap (a room with a cruise load of junk food), his hunger got the best of him and literally shoved the food in his mouth, increasing more of his weight to the point that he's beginning to fill up an entire room. Fortunately, Chi (Kai) and a few other players managed to stabilize Hamoro before all the extra spare food is gone and pushing the ginormous blob of flesh out, then locking the door shut so that he doesn't get in. Hamoro, still unsatisfied, demands for more, but to no avail. He now stays silent as the pain of constant need of satisfaction gets the toll of him. Luckily, Cat Makita, one of the players and headmaster of Hope's Peak High, manage to create a serum that reduces him back to normal and, as a bonus, removing diabetes and setting his appetite back to normal. Hamoro, no longer able to satisfy himself like he used to, has left his shattered pride and selfishness and starts to get along with the others, feeling more better than he was before.
by Kurbo
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