Reina Makita
/ Reina Makita
Age: 24 Species: Human Race: Caucasian/Japanese Powers: Thunderstorm/Rain Manipulation (either by will or expressing intense negative emotions of stress and anger)

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Reina Makita is the daughter of Xavier and Ruta Makita. She is known to be extremely moody, constantly stressed, and hot-headed. Often struggling with anxiety and tension, Reina expresses loads of negative emotions that causes the skies to darken, heavy rain, and lightning. Even thunder strikes hard onto the ground should her anger or stress level tense up further. You'll know when she begins to express negative emotions just by either looking at the sky darkening or small darken clouds forming above her head and heavily raining. She was first seen helping Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans fighting off bio-terrorism when Reina agreed to support them by fighting alongside them. Though hard to control, let alone tame, she shows that she stresses a lot because she cares about others not just herself, and puts her own priorities aside for someone who is in dire need or by helping someone, thus the reason why she's constantly stressed. After surviving twice (the second at China and the first Eastern Europe), she is currently back with her family again and soon helps them out from another outbreak. This time, in Colombia, seen evacuating the community and defending them from the outbreak, monsters, and zombies. She is still currently living with and among her family.


2 years ago
To TinyLyri8: Thanks!
2 years ago
I love how you used the rain skin for this character!


by Donkey
by itzama
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