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Teal was an influencer in the past. She made content +18 during some part of her life. Two times winner of "Boom-sexy" in SpicySexyCam. However, Teal decided to drop her habits of making fast money and start something more purposeful for her. Unfortunately, she faced an ironic dark fated, forced into sex labor where nobody could find her. After being saved by "The erosion that causes change", Teal joined to serve them as an agent of espionage. After being saved by Graznar, Teal develops true feelings for her savior. An unrequited love. He'll ask her to treat him not as a simple man but as a "The Father". Considering this, Teal will keep her feelings secret as a way of commitment and devotion to him, becoming one of the most loyal soldiers in the army ranks.
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Our model has long "teal-colored" hair, with extensions. A crow-top with a beautiful sleeved. This combines turquoise dots and squares with a white background. She wears denim short pants and blue sandals. Also, she uses a pink blush and lemon lipsticks. In her eyes two stars and a Uranus symbol shine. BG's attribution to: www.freepik.com/photos/background - Background photo created by kotkoa - www.freepik.com/free-photo/modern-buildings_1175703.htm - photo created by evening_tao


by Bry
by OM3GA
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