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Just a model to show off some of my free assets found over on my Booth page punkbune.booth.pm/ Hair- punkbune.booth.pm/items/3735695 Eye Texture- punkbune.booth.pm/items/3705159 Inner shirt- punkbune.booth.pm/items/3730810 Lace Coat- punkbune.booth.pm/items/3728291 Skirt- punkbune.booth.pm/items/3728335 Stockings- punkbune.booth.pm/items/3735702 Boots- punkbune.booth.pm/items/3735654 If you use any of the items please tag me @PunkBune on any socials you may be on, I would love to see your creation! Credit is not required but always appreciated. Do not resell even if you altered colors. You can not giveaway, resell, alter/edit the textures or claim texture as your own. You can not sell/giveaway models that use this texture. You can use them for your personal model, included (but not limited to) Vtubing. (even if you make money by vtubing)

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by Shady
by 01 mit
by NT
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