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Pamela Stacy
Pamela Stacy
/ Pamela Stacy


Pamela Stacy is a ultimate student at Hope's Peak High and is was the Ultimate Cheerleader. She is known to be spoiled, manipulative, talented, and full of attitude. All Pamela wants is hot, sexy, hunky dudes who obey her every whim, and wanting nothing but whatever is in their pocket and pants. Outside, she plays the innocent and loving girl, but is sociopathic on the inside. Her dream of manipulating more and more boys grew out of hand, where she eventually tried to get away with murdering Bakuro Kijisaki, the Ultimate Geek, so that she can just graduate and live out her life in greedy and lustful desires. Unfortunately, she underestimated Chi Makita, a normal student and main protagonist, and despite her best efforts to convince everyone that she is innocent when in reality she's not, her popularity as an ongoing popular cheerleader slowly but rapidly begins to diminish with truth after truth revealed, and was voted as the blackened who killed Bakuro. Found guilty, she immediately snaps and tries to run away from her execution, but fell for it anyways as she had just led herself to the execution spot. Chained up at the Touchdown Goal on both sides of the goal, the Cheerleader Body Grabbing Execution finally begins, as all the Hope's Peak High football players including the opponent team, all male and boys she engaged with despite being the current (now ex) girlfriend of Ress Foster. Just when she thought she was in heaven, all the boys began to feel their clothes tightening, then beginning to expand their size, becoming a gigantic blubber of mass. Even their cheeks begin to fill up with blubber. Horror and disgust ensues, and then panic as the boys are growing non-stop to the point that their filling up the indoor football stadium and growing all sides of their bodies. Pamela on the other hand, was swallowed by the gigantic mass of blubber and suffocated to death, with her dreams crushed before her eyes. All the boys slowly started to decrease back to normal thanks to Cat's fat manipulation, and buried Pamela's body next to Bakuro and the other deceased students as a sign of respect, but not before being scolded by Kattee about his fetish problems.


by Aiko
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