Nollata Putinia
/ Nollata Putinia
Age: 16-17 Species: Human Race: Columbian

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Ex-bestie of Unilla Teresa and a junior year student. A spoiled girl who tries to act all to what she talks yet can't make the walks. She's a terrible model, a bad singer, her dream, and is obsessed with spending money and going to parties. She is also among the 3 stalkers Unilla evades from within the woods, only to get captured by Sparragus, and how she would ditch her friends in order to achieve popularity. Unfortunately for her, while driving in her new lamborghini with her new/fake friends, she swerved close to the edge of the road where a cliff is at, panics and jumps out of her car to save herself yet dies upon impact. Worse yet, one of her passengers managed to get a hold of the wheel just in the nick of time and perfect, showing that she's self-centered and idiotic to the point it's horrid.


by Donkey
by mtri
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