Iota/Ko Makita
/ Ko Makita
Age: 17 Species: Mutant Race: American/Caucasian/Greek/Japanese Powers: Iota: Super Speed, Top Spin Mimicry Ko: Superhuman Strength, Reality Bending (only in dire situations), Body Inflation, Flatulence (only when bloated) Mythos: Quetzalcoatl, Konohana-Sakuya, Neptune, Agni, Igaluk, Chalchiuhtlicue, Nanahuatzin

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Ko Makita is the biological son of Xavier and Ruta Makita and Iota's conjoined twin brother. Whereas Iota is more sweet, loving, quiet, shy, and awkward, Ko is not. Oh, no. He is the polar opposite of Iota: ruthless, twisted, cold, cunning, blunt, and sadistic. However, he does show a bit of compassion and care from time to time though his cold exterior. He is also shown to be very laid-back and humorous, but will enter agitation should he find it a bit too difficult or someone attempting to kill his brother. As a conjoined twin, Ko can switch places with Iota, causing his own part of the body to transform along with the clothes and killing anyone who dare hurts his brother, making him somewhat overprotective at times. Thus, an amulet was to be held by Iota everyday. Without the amulet, Iota would be overtaken by Ko in dangerous situations (which proves helpful though). Despite his chances of staying out, he still thinks of his brother and retrieves the amulet to have Iota come back again. There are also times where, while out, Ko would become heavily bloated with gas, growing a huge ginormous stomach and inflating buttocks because of Ko's lactose intolerance. So he keeps that to himself even though Iota is not lactose intolerant himself and drinks milk frequently when no one's around.




by okbaby
by MiO
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