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/ Gen2 Emotion compatible version
オリジナルデザインの3Dアバター「キュビコット」 四角くてかわいいアバターです 標準的な人型アバターの半分くらいの背丈です シリーズ毎に利用条件が異なります CubiCot™ © 2022 spicepod のなみ lowbit✪life

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CubiCot™ cute size cubic avatar cos-play mode "LINK Gen2" Now available for download ! SUPPORTS MULTIPLE EMOTIONS Now supported face type as follows; "Fun","Joy","Sorrow","Surprised" =Each facial expression changes "Angry"=Wear a brave face and equip a sword and shield !! USING AS AN AVATAR It has been confirmed to work on "cluster". Due to the characteristic model shape, Auto VR Calibration is not good. We recommend using desktop mode. CubiCot™ series lineup - Basic series - respect collection - special edition - fantasy world - cos-play mode - and more... © 2022 spicepod © Nintendo




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Format: VRM 0.0
Conditions of use: Avatar use: YES/Violence: YES/Sexual acts: NO/Corporate use: NO/Individual commercial use: NO/Alterations: NO/Redistribution: NO/Attribution: Unnecessary