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Codename: Chet
Powers: Brain Speed Manipulation
Chet Takata
/ Codename: Chet
Powers: Brain Speed Manipulation


A teenager who is severely autistic and non speaking, Chet has a hard time living a normal life. While his functions are very in tact, his brain has a tendency to switch his moods. One minute he's happy, and then having a meltdown in another. Worse yet, it's unknown when it will happen. When Kai was forced to join Windra's guild as a result of a loss battle, Chet began taking his aggressive meltdowns on him like he always did back then, screaming and hitting him. When Kai simply dodged the attacks with no sweat, Chet's meltdown got worse as he is having trouble expressing himself. In the end, no matter how hard he tries, Kai simply stood up for himself, leaving a screaming and crying Chet as he is on the floor in defeat. Jurakan was the only one who managed to teach him to speak more than 30 words thanks to the holy spirit guiding Chet's brain. Chet is now happy and no longer haves meltdown all of a sudden. He loves to laugh and hang out with friends.
by Thisty
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