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PLEASE READ BELOW: Terms Of Service: Terms of Service Terms (by category) state once the client AGREES upon me beginning the work, the client agrees to the terms of service I have the right to refuse any request for any reason which I will disclose to the requestor. Personal use only at this time. Client must have a reference or full PNG of the character to be requested. I cannot accept requests without a character concept. Models by me cannot be used for study without permission. This is a licensed model for your personal use. I request that credit be given to me when/whereever this model will be used so that people may find me to commission me. If I ever use free items to embellish your model (including modifications), I will notify you with a credit list so you may credit any other artist work that may be necessary. :) All artists deserve to be credited for their art. Model is not a commercial model, nor an owned copyright and you CANNOT resell my models to another party. Models can be used for VRChat, streaming & making videos with credit! (and I will make Quest compatible upon request also!)

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by vdante
by Joii
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If this is set to "YES", others can use this model according to the conditions of use set by its creator. Model data (VRM format) can be provided to other users, who can use it for various VR/AR platforms and other types of 3D content linked with VRoid Hub.
This model's data cannot be downloaded or used for any purpose, and is available only for viewing on VRoid Hub.