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Meise [MythiCompanion]
Meise [MythiCompanion]
/ Meise [MythiCompanion]


my friend @TinyLyri created a new species and released a kit for it. Cant resist that of course (´͈ ᗨ `͈ ) So, this is Meise and she is going to be friends with Kleiber. Canon lore of her will be that Sai wanted to check out the MythiCompanions after hearing about them from Laume, who then organized one. Sai assigned Meise the hobbys/special interests of being interested in music and gardening. She can easily tell you the individual instruments/compounds of music sequences and has some useful knowledge about soil quality and nutrients. Sadly Sai lost interest in her quickly and stopped using Meises help. Kleiber, who has strong opinions over the rights and standing in society of AI and artificial life, adopted Meise and is now living with her at home. Meise is why Kleiber will receive a custom usb plug somewhere around the ear, so Meise can charge up while sitting on Kleibers shoulder. Thats where you usually find Meise. Meise now exists with minimal purpose, basically she is like Kleibers emotional support Companion. Kleiber does see her and treat her like her best friend tho. big thanks again to TinyLyri forsuch a cool kit ☆

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